TCC’s Head of Culture, Olivia Fahy, is featured on page six of June’s edition of IFA Magazine, talking about how now is perfect time for businesses to re-evaluate their company culture. 

Prolonged remote working has likely taken its toll on a firm’s internal culture. In particular, Olivia highlights:

  • The disintegration of the work/life balance as a result of homeworking, leading to ‘pandemic burnout’
  • The varied experiences over the past year, and how those experiences may have impacted staff differently
  • The gap between those who have a comfortable working space at home and those who don’t, and how this might influence their views on returning to the office.

All these issues present a unique opportunity for advice and planning firms to rebuild their culture in a way that was more purposeful and inclusive than before – leading to better outcomes for clients, employees and the regulator alike.

Read the full article on page six of June's IFA Magazine.

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