We believe that TCC is only as good as its colleagues. We attract and retain market leading talent and expertise by providing an outstanding working culture, fantastic rewards and benefits and many opportunities for career and professional development. TCC colleagues are committed and loyal to our business aspirations and we see each person as being a vital component in the ongoing growth and sustainability of the company.

Our culture and values

Our culture reflects the attributes that our clients value. We pride ourselves on putting the interests of our clients above our own and going above and beyond expectations. We expect all our colleagues to live the TCC values every day.

Rewards and benefits

As specialists in culture and conduct, we know that incentivising our colleagues in the right way results in positive behaviours that our clients value. Consequently, our colleagues are recognised and rewarded via periodic awards for living the TCC values and going beyond both client and job role expectations.

We believe it is important for our colleagues to feel valued and so we provide a generous flexible benefits package. Such benefits include a pension, a healthcare plan and shopping discounts amongst others.

Career & professional development

We value the knowledge and experience of our colleagues and subsequently seek to maintain our high colleague retention rates. We see the development of our colleagues as essential to the growth of TCC.

Colleagues are offered the opportunity to undertake subsidised qualifications relevant to their role in order to enhance career development. We also have a number of initiatives aimed at nurturing talent and helping our colleagues achieve their career goals.

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