Wave goodbye to slow and inefficient file reviews. We’ve revolutionised the process using cutting-edge RegTech to bring you the highest quality business assurance, complaint handling and remediation in almost half the time. 

This supercharged service is the latest to benefit from our investment in accelerating traditional compliance with RegTech.

So, how does it work? 

We’ve combined digital pre-checks with human reviews, all wrapped up with technology that accelerates the process.

Our custom-built document reviewer combined with workflow technology has obliterated all inefficiencies in the review process. We’ve used state-of-the-art robotics and machine learning to automate processes and cut out the vast majority of manual tasks undertaken by the reviewer. This means reviewers spend more time reviewing and waste less time. As a result, we can check cases twice as fast.

Moreover, we’ve dramatically improved the population selection process to focus on detected risks. We run digital pre-checks to compare your file documents against pre-defined criteria to identify risk that requires further, human review. This means we can focus skilled resource where they are needed most, slashing the cost of business assurance and remediation.

Founder and Executive Chair Joanne Smith said: “This launch is an incredibly exciting moment for us here at TCC, bringing together our years of focus on innovation and technology. The tech we’ve developed is the only one of its kind, and when it’s combined with our outsourced managed service we can provide the highest level of transparency and risk management – something no one else can. The fact that we can do all this for less than our clients’ current budgets has caused quite a stir already in the industry.”


Key statistics: 

  • High-performance business assurance was 100% more efficient in our benchmark test, meaning we can carry out a review in half the time.
  • Our solution runs a preliminary digital check over up to 100% of files. This provides significantly greater assurance than the usual manual method that can only check around 5-15%.


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