Restore trust by tackling remediation programmes the smarter way.

Speedy remediation that delivers fair outcomes is hard to get right. But it’s your ticket to rebuilding customer loyalty and sustained commercial success. We don’t think you should have to compromise between speed and quality – with us you can have it all.

Our high-performance solution pairs revolutionary file review technology with our solution expertise to bring you faster delivery and higher quality while also slashing costs.

Best of all, our value continues beyond the review. We draw on our knowledge of culture to feed back on how to improve post-remediation so your business can be secured against future risk.


What we do

Welcome to speed and efficiency. We’ve connected our remediation expertise to technology for an unmatched cost-smart solution:

  • Cost-effective delivery – Using cutting-edge technology, a custom built workflow and a completely optimised process, we can deliver your projects in almost half the time. And, as skilled resource is the most costly component of your review, this means we can be cost-smart too.  
  • The highest quality – Just because we’re doing it quickly doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. You’ll get the most reliable, qualified and skilled resource along with technology that enables a superior audit trail. 
  • Smart population selection – We’ve revolutionised population selection. By running our technology over all of your files we can digitally detect actual risk within them. Only those with verified risk are pushed into the review population for a human check. 

Real life scenarios tell the story best. Read our case studies to find out how we’ve helped our clients with super fast tech-accelerated delivery.

Download the infographic for a deeper look into our solutions.


Remediation solutions for any requirement

End-to-end delivery

End-to-end delivery

Complete managed rectification programmes, from analysis and approach to redress and close.



Individual components depending on the scope of your project.



Programme assurance from rectification experts.



Taking over struggling inflight projects that need an optimisation boost.



Qualified and experienced individuals and teams for self-managed projects.

Our areas of speciality

We specialise in many historic and current regulated products, including:

  • Pension switching, ETV and defined benefit transfers
  • Investments
  • Mortgages and protection products
  • Anti-money laundering
  • GMP equalisation
  • KYC
  • Persistent debt
  • Drawdown

Delve deeper

Case study: Inflight review rescued by RegTech Infographic: Rectification & remediation
Read the case study Download the infographic
Case study: RegTech remediation project Case study: Tech enabled PBR
Read the case study Read the case study

Connect with us

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