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Now you’ve completed the analysis phase of getting GDPR ready, you’ll know where you need to update the current data you hold and make changes to your policies, procedures and business practices. In this webinar, Lorraine Mouat, TCC’s GDPR specialist, provides a 5 step framework to help you transition quickly and effectively to a GDPR compliant state.

Lorraine Mouat, TCC’s resident GDPR specialist, delivered a webinar back in February 2018 covering:
  • What you’ll need to do to ensure GDPR is embedded within your firm;
  • How to ensure current data is accurate and cleansed appropriately;
  • What policies and procedures you’ll need to update;
  • How to assure the business that you are maintaining compliance post-GDPR deadline.

Remember GDPR is fast approaching! There’s much work to do and no time to lose.

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