In our latest webinar series, TCC’s Head of Culture Olivia Fahy chats to the industry’s leading experts on diversity & inclusion: Georgina Philippou (Senior Adviser to the FCA), Kate Coombs (Head of Insights at the FSCB) and Dr. Ajit Menon (leading academic and culture consultant).

In part one, we cover:

  • Why diversity and inclusion is a key priority
  • Key trends we're seeing
  • How much progress the sector has made so far
  • Policy changes on the horizon
  • What firms need to consider beyond complying with regulation

In part two, we chat to Dr Ajit Menon about:

  • The role of purpose
  • The impact of hybrid/ remote working on belonging and inclusion
  • How leaders and managers can drive change
  • Can you really measure inclusive cultures?

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