TCC today announced the launch of intelligent culture analytics, a new culture solution powered by cutting-edge culture analytics technology to help financial services businesses meet the FCA’s expectations of a healthy culture.

Intelligent culture analytics decrypts the vast web of cultural information hidden within businesses and their employees, giving firms the power to drive tangible change in real time and, crucially, monitor over time. By overlaying employee insights with other key data sets, the platform unlocks the intelligence senior leaders need to measure, track and evidence a healthy culture to the FCA.

The latest TCC service to be powered by cutting-edge tech, intelligent culture analytics gives businesses unprecedented detail faster and on a wider scale than any other programme available anywhere.

Warren Vickers, TCC Commercial Director, said “We’ve always believed that strong compliance and, ultimately, commercial success starts with company culture – it’s the backbone of everything in an organisation. That’s why we’re pleased to see the FCA ramping up the focus on culture in its supervisory activity. In response we created intelligent culture analytics, enabling forward-thinking businesses to pass that test with flying colours.”

Intelligent culture analytics is available now. Visit the webpage for more information or see it in action with a demo.