When it comes to supporting your compliance and conduct goals, you need a compliance consultancy partner that’s well-versed in the regulatory requirements forward-thinking and trusted by your industry peers.  

With TCC, that’s precisely what you get – and more. We’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading providers of regulatory and compliance services for the financial services industry. We have over 20 years of experience. We’ve successfully solved even the most complex compliance challenges for our clients and improved their customer outcomes.

Keeping up with the latest regulatory changes

It’s no secret that keeping up with compliance requirements, and actively addressing regulatory changes, is not a small task and often adds pressure on already busy compliance teams. And when it comes to major changes like FCA’s Consumer Duty, not many organisations can manage the change without the support of external subject matters experts.

This is where TCC is ready to step in and support you in achieving your compliance goals. Some hot topics from recent months include:

  • Preparing for the FCA’s new Consumer Duty (with the 31 July 2023 deadline looming!)
  • Planning for the updated Appointed Representatives Regime
  • Reviews of Retirement Income Advice
  • The importance of evidencing for Equity Release
  • Pro-actively addressing the requirements of the British Steel Pension Scheme redress scheme

We understand the complexities of regulatory compliance. We use the most effective solutions to solve your present regulatory challenges and future-proof your business.

Compliance can be a considerable drain on your resources, so we combine our expertise with the latest technologies for more effective solutions. Our Intelligent Compliance approach to implementing regulatory requirements offers greater efficiency for conduct monitoring and Past Business Reviews, with remarkable time and resource savings.

The advantages of Intelligent Compliance

The latest technological advances have been moving the needle when it comes to achieving compliance and conduct in a smarter and more effective way. Ultimately, bringing new efficiencies and savings when solving regulatory challenges while future-proofing your operations.

At TCC, we’ve been leading the way in smart compliance and readily deploy state-of-art technology to improve results for our clients – working hand in hand with our trusted technology partner, Recordsure.  By leveraging our consultancy know-how alongside Recordsure’s pioneering AI and ML– suite, our complementary services deliver the best possible compliance outcomes, whilst driving meaningful regulatory change and streamlining operations. This dynamic, forward-thinking approach helps bring regulatory success to our clients and partners – smarter, faster and in a more cost-effective manner.

Combining smart people and smart tech for unrivalled regulatory outcomes

Getting the best advice

No matter the size of your project or specific need, at TCC, you are always supported by our best consultancy specialists. We’ve built our reputation as one of the industry’s go-to sources of regulatory expertise because our team of former regulators, industry practitioners and experienced consultants have the knowledge to address any compliance challenge to meet expectations.

Our subject matter experts can identify the most efficient, cost-effective route possible to meet your firm’s requirements.

Delivering compliance projects, better with the experts

You might be looking for expert support for your Past Business Reviews, redress calculations or ongoing business assurance. To get the most out of external consultancy support, you need a team with the experience and ability to address the entire breadth of your compliance project.

With over two decades of expertise and tried-and-tested experience in completing specialised end-to-end projects, overflow management and ongoing compliance delivery, you know you’re in good hands.

With us, you have access to our smart technologies that offer unique tools to maximise the efficiency of your teams and help deliver your projects to the highest possible quality – saving critical time, and resources.

We use a scalable, tailored strategy so you get exactly the level of support you need. And because we provide truly responsive value-driven service, our clients choose us again and again.

Match the subject matter experts’ skills to your need

At times you might just need extra help to find the right people to fill your specialised vacancies – even more so when you’re looking for skilful support to be rapidly mobilised. Here is where experts like TCC can help.

Having a comprehensive regulatory understanding means that we find the best people for your regulatory projects, every time. Our Specialist Resourcing team connects you with a network of more than 5,000 highly trained, pre-vetted associates from across the financial service sphere. This means you get high-quality resource with the exact competencies and experience required to meet their operational needs.

Combining smart people and smart tech for unrivalled regulatory outcomes

Bringing together people expertise and the most advanced technologies enables you to meet your regulatory obligations in a smarter way. When choosing your consultancy support, it’s worthwhile exploring if there is a more efficient way to achieve your desired outcomes – one that can deliver your compliance goals, whilst saving you time and valuable resource.

At TCC, we put our clients first and always look for solutions to provide even better value. That’s why we partner with Recordsure, a unique RegTech provider with a decade of experience in serving financial services organisations.

We use Recordsure’s ReviewAI product suite – based on proprietary, market-first, AI-driven conversation and document analytics, to deliver business assurance file review projects. Utilising ReviewAI, we provide a business assurance service which is robust, consistent and able to evidence good customer outcomes.

Together, we offer a game-changing extra line of defence against consumer vulnerability and conduct risk. We’ve proven to help clients overcome their compliance hurdles and deliver regulatory conduct in a more effective and cost-efficient way.

Our Intelligent Compliance solutions bring together clever people, extensive experience and smart tech you can trust to achieve your regulatory requirements in the most efficient manner.

To deliver your compliance goals smarter – get in touch to learn more.