Getting culture right isn’t just a sound commercial choice for businesses or a way to satisfy the regulator, it helps to build consumer trust and a more resilient and sustainable future for the industry. This is why we’re so passionate about what we do.

This future is possible and today we’re one step closer with our new partnership with tech innovators Temporall. We’re combining our respective specialisms to build a comprehensive solution, fuelled by data science and technology, that allows our clients to identify their culture, measure it and track progression over time.

Culture is finally tangible.

Using proprietary software, AI techniques and our expertise, we’ll provide unparalleled insight into our client’s cultural landscape from both an organisational and regulatory perspective. With intelligence in our armoury, we’ll recommend improvements to clients’ conduct risk frameworks to build and maintain healthy cultures that put customers first, achieve compliance and drive commercial outcomes.

TCC Founder and Executive Chair Joanne Smith says:

“Culture is fundamental, yet so elusive for most financial services businesses. The technology will add immense value to the expert guidance we already supply by providing usable intelligence on a depth and scale the industry has never seen before. The partnership with Temporall is a welcome addition to our RegTech initiative that is driving our delivery of smarter and more effective services.”

Temporall Founder and CEO, Thomas Davies states:

“TCC is recognised as a leader in financial services compliance, the combination of its expertise and our tech capability makes our Premium Partnership a perfect match and we’re delighted to have them join our partner programme.”

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