TCC’s Head of Culture, Olivia Fahy, joined forces with experts from across investment management industry to discuss what the future of work looks like.

Created and launched by The Investment Association, the Future World of Work project collates the latest thought leadership pieces from industry leaders on hot topics such as:

  • The future of the office
  • How will working patterns shift?
  • The skills needed for the investment management industry to thrive
  • The evolving regulatory environment
  • The role of culture, and Diversity & Inclusion, in driving change

In her piece entitled ‘Emerging from the fog: how will hybrid working shape company culture?‘, Olivia argues that:

  • Enforced homeworking over the past year has inevitably broken down some of the cultural norms that existed within organisations – for better and for worse. Business leaders have a unique opportunity to reshape their internal culture.
  • There’s plenty of evidence that shows full-time remote working, on this scale, is starting to have a negative impact on employees.
  • There is a rising expectation for firms to offer more when it comes to social and environmental impact – and employees increasingly want to work for businesses that are aligned with their values. This is why purpose will become such an important part of the future of work.
  • Purpose needs to be more than a snappy platitude in order to have a positive impact on culture. Leaders can start by ensuring their purpose is authentic and fully underpins decision-making.
  • Hierarchies have been flattened somewhat during the Pandemic, and leaders need a new approach – one that focuses on soft skills and helps foster a psychologically safe environment.
  • Diverse and inclusive cultures will become a top priority for regulators. Firms should therefore be considering how to improve diversity of all kinds and at all levels across their organisation.
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all to the future world of work, and employee insight is key.

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