TCC’s Head of Culture, Olivia Fahy, joined Jon Ellis of The Rules Consultancy and other industry experts to discuss the role of employee engagement in regulated environments.

This is a topic that has been extensively covered in the years following the introduction of the SMCR and as a result of the FCA’s increasing focus on culture. But this collaborative paper looks deeper into the issue, including expert commentary on what having ‘engaged employees’ really means in a regulated environment, what factors drive engagement and how all this impacts the regulatory agenda.

Having joined TCC from the FCA’s own culture team, Olivia has a unique insight into the key ingredients for a healthy culture, and therefore engaged employees, in the eyes of the regulator.

While she notes that governance, remuneration and leadership are all still important elements, it is purpose and psychological safety that are currently dominating the conversation at the regulator – a trend that can largely be put down to wider societal changes.

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