Driven by a core belief that a healthy culture and good conduct is key to sustainable commercial success, we’ve spent two decades helping financial services firms reduce conduct risk and improve customer outcomes.  

Incorporated in 2001 by entrepreneur Joanne Smith, we’ve been at the forefront of compliance ever since, helping over 550 firms get to grips with their regulatory obligations.  

We do things a bit differently here at TCC. Our winning formula combines culture expertise with smart tech, helping our clients fix the true root cause of compliance issues in the most efficient way possible. Always ahead of the curve, we’re the only compliance consultancy to take this unique approach.  

Our commitment to innovation started way back in 2012, when we tried to find a tool in the market to help firms monitor their face-to-face interactions. We couldn’t, so we built Recordsure. 

Since then, we have:

Delivered over 200 large managed service projects, not to mention vastly more smaller ones.

Become the UK's leading experts on culture and conduct

Supercharged file reviews with technology that creates efficiencies of 100%

Launched our services in Australia to help tackle the conduct issues raised by the Royal Commission

Built and launched intelligent culture analytics, a data programme that helps firms track, measure and evidence their company culture.

TCC Group’s Founder and Executive Chair, Joanne Smith, says “I’m immensely proud to celebrate TCC’s 20th year. Back in 2000, there was a huge gap in the market for forward-looking, tailored compliance support. Compliance had been tarred with the brush of boring box-ticking, and I knew that needed to change.  

The past two decades have been hard graft and great fun in equal measure. We’ve grown from a boutique consultancy into the award-winning business we are todaycelebrating some incredible achievements along the way – from developing and launching three revolutionary RegTech solutions, to expanding into new corners of the globe. 

And we don’t intend to stop now. The drive, energy and ambition here at TCC is as strong as ever!” 

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