Commercial success is not only about sales and customer loyalty during the good times, but also managing things effectively when they go wrong. With the right people in place to handle complaints and remediate customers with care and diligence during these uncertain times you’re more likely to be rewarded with customer trust and business in the future.   

Market upheaval and customer vulnerability is creating a perfect storm for complaints and firms across the industry are battening down the hatches for the deluge any day now. Meanwhile CMCs, fat from the PPI feast, are smacking their lips and waiting in the wings.

Your greatest protection is having the pickings of skilled and experienced resource to augment your complaint handling and remediation teams at short notice. But do you know where or when complaints are likely to spike? Can you say what remediation projects are going to need to be prioritised? Will you have resource to find and vet new resource? How can you get the best quality resource on your projects when everyone is vying for the same people?

So many questions … but only one real answer.

Our resourcing team are continually reading the pulse of the contractor market. Having amassed a network of over 5000 contractors between them, they’ve formed relationships with the best in the market and know where resource is available (or soon will be). Crucially, they’re all experts in their field. They understand financial services and compliance and therefore what skills and experience are needed to give you the best outcome. Best of all, they’re in constant conversation with the wider consultant team, so know where remediation and complaints will be rising and are lining up resource to meet the demand as we speak.

Here’s where they’re currently focusing:

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