Individual accountability is one of the key principles of the SM&CR regime and effectively managing the interplay between roles, responsibilities and levels of authority within your firm is likely to require a multi-disciplinary approach to SM&CR compliance.

If not handled appropriately, SM&CR implementation and ongoing compliance could introduce tension within the employee-employer relationship. Without the right governance frameworks and internal culture, senior managers may not have the confidence that they can take responsibility for the actions of the business areas for which they are responsible.

Hosted by TCC, this webinar examines the role of the HR function in achieving SM&CR compliance and the impact on the employee lifecycle.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of:

  • Effective engagement with other departments including HR, legal and IT
  • Policy and procedural considerations
  • Implementing effective, tailored training across the business
  • Contracts, job descriptions and statements of responsibilities
  • Maintaining compliance at all stages of the employee lifecycle

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