Connect the dots between your culture, customers and commercial success. 

We understand culture and conduct risk better than anyone else. We’ve married our conduct risk expertise with smart tools and reliable data to give you a true picture of your culture, helping you focus your resources and budget where it matters most.

What we do

We assess and improve your culture using a four phrase approach:

  • Phase 1: Discover
    First we really get to know your business, immersing ourselves in your culture to understand its drivers and the true influencers of conduct.
  • Phase 2: Detect
    Then we work with you to set up KPIs and metrics to measure your culture and conduct risks, presented in an easy to use dashboard.
  • Phase 3: Improve
    Now you know how you’re doing, you can improve it. We’ll help you improve culture and more effectively manage conduct risk using the data and understanding of how your business works.
  • Phase 4: Monitor
    You can use the management information as a tool to continually monitor the status if your culture and conduct risks. Best of all, it’s evidence to prove to the regulator that you’re measuring your culture.

Download our infographic for more information on what we look at. 

How we do it better

Dashboard supported

Dashboard supported

Built around your business, your dashboard provides relevant and usable intelligence.

Content with context

Content with context

We help you understand what your data means against the backdrop of your business, regulation
and the market.

Commercially minded

Commercially minded

We help you make the most of your culture and conduct risk intelligence to make commercially sound decisions.

Delve deeper

Conduct & culture risk assessment Culture & conduct risk assessment
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