We believe your organisational culture is just as critical to your business as the strategy itself. But with the discourse around workplace culture ever-growing, it can be challenging to know what culture you should be aiming for, how to understand and assess it and what the regulatory expectations are. And with modern workforces now being more spatially distant than ever before, there’s never been a better time for financial services businesses to make sure they’re on the right path.

That’s where TCC culture workshops come in. Led by our Head of Culture and ex-FCA Culture Lead, Olivia Fahy, these interactive sessions give your senior leaders the tools and knowledge they need to drive lasting culture transformation.

What we do

Over the course of three hours, we’ll address your individual business and workplace culture challenges and priorities. You’ll get an action plan based on the insights uncovered during the workshop, featuring actionable steps to help you make the progress you need.

TCC’s culture workshops cover three key areas:

  • Defining culture
  • Decoding culture
  • Discussing culture

All culture workshops can accommodate a wide variety of group sizes depending on client needs and are designed as standalone sessions, allowing you to mix and match subjects that are critical to your business.

So whether you’re looking for a crash course in one particular topic, or seeking a more holistic view of culture and conduct issues, we’ve got you covered.


Workshop 1: Defining Organisational Culture

In a world where there’s no one-size-fits-all culture, the FCA is careful not to be prescriptive, defining workplace culture is a challenging hurdle many firms struggle to overcome. In this workshop, we’ll help you develop a framework for defining your culture and transformation from your current state to your future ambition.

We’ll cover:

  • Current thinking on culture and the rationale behind the FCA’s increased focus in this area
  • Hallmarks of a healthy organisational culture, including practical examples
  • How to define your workplace culture
  • How to move from your current to desired organisational culture


Workshop 2: Decoding Workplace Culture

To change business culture, you need to understand it, and to understand it you need to assess it. But it’s often a challenge to know where to start, what to assess and what data to collect. We help you decode all this in our workshop.

We’ll cover:

  • What the FCA is really looking for when assessing organisational culture
  • The ‘assessment vs measurement’ debate
  • Common challenges and pitfalls when assessing workplace culture
  • Approaches to organisational culture assessment and where to start
  • Best practice on gathering, using and acting on business culture data


Workshop 3: Discussing Business Culture

This workshop is a must if you’re not sure what the regulatory expectations are around business culture or the FCA’s approach to assessing it. With our help in this workshop, you’ll be prepared for organisational culture conversations with the regulator and be confident you’re doing everything you can to meet FCA expectations.

We’ll cover:

  • The FCA’s approach to assessing organisational culture
  • The Conduct Questions, who they apply to, and how to answer them
  • The ‘drivers of culture’ the FCA assesses, what they mean and how they’re monitored
  • The FCA’s 21/22 Business Plan priority of diversity and inclusion, and how this links to business culture
  • How to prepare for organisational culture conversations with the FCA

Discover the detail of what’s covered in our workshops, download the TCC culture workshop guide.


How we do it better

Focused Discussion

Focused Discussion

We’ll drill down into your business’s unique culture concerns and priorities during every workshop to identify the most effective path forward for you.

Practical Advice

Practical Advice

Following the workshop, we’ll provide you with a customised game plan outlining some clear next steps to kick-start your organisational culture transformation.

Culture Expertise

Culture Expertise

As a leading figure in the FCA’s Transforming Culture initiative, Olivia has an unrivalled understanding of the regulator’s organisational culture outlook and priorities. Follow-up sessions can be arranged to check your progress if needed.