Culture is the true root cause of almost all conduct risks. But despite this, building a healthy, sustainable workplace culture is a complex code that many businesses struggle to crack. 

With the right cultural intelligence at your fingertips, you can:

  • Uncover the root causes of your culture risks
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Reduce your conduct risk and drive better consumer outcomes
  • Evidence the progress you’re making on organisational culture

What is Intelligent Culture Analytics

Designed by FCA conduct risk experts, our culture analytics platform gives you an unsurpassed ability to understand how healthy your workplace culture is – and how it might be impacting networks, working patterns and collaboration across your business.

Using intelligent culture analytics, we can extract people intelligence and analyse collaboration patterns from across your business to give you a clear, holistic view of your workplace culture. Here’s how it works.

We currently offer integration with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook – with many more integrations in the pipeline. Talk to us about your business’ specific needs.

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What we do

We take a flexible approach to our work. Whatever your requirements, we’ve an option to suit.

  • Platform only: We’ll give your in-house teams full access to the platform to analyse and correlate the information themselves.
  • Independent culture health check: We’ll get you started with an initial assessment, diagnosis and action plan. You’ll get an independent view of how healthy your current culture is.

Click here to find out more about our culture health checks.

How we do it better

Built by culture and risk conduct experts

Built by culture and risk conduct experts

Our platform is uniquely designed to help businesses meet the FCA's expectations on culture.

Leveraging real-time system data

Leveraging real-time system data

We analyse what people say against what they do, uncovering a clearer picture of your true workplace culture.

Laser focused on root causes

Laser focused on root causes

We concentrate on getting to the heart of your culture risks so you can drive real, meaningful change.

Assessing culture in action

Find out how we’ve helped a firm like yours improve and evidence their culture:

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