Achieve ultimate transparency with tech-powered assurance

See everything that’s going on in your business with tech-powered assurance that checks 100% of business in half the time of a normal review.

Slow and inefficient business assurance has been a burden on your business for too long. We’ve revolutionised file reviews by running digital checks over all your files to determine which ones need human investigation. This gives you an unprecedented view of your whole business and ultimate control over your risks and customer outcomes.


What we do

Our high-performance solution combines digital pre-checks with human reviews, all wrapped up with technology that accelerates the process.

  • True risk-based reviews – We run cutting-edge technology over 100% of your files to digitally detect actual risk within them. Only those with verified risk are pushed into the review population for a human check. This means we only review files that contain risk, focusing skilled resource where its needed most and slashing the cost of business assurance. 
  • Lightning fast turnaround – Over decades we’ve finessed our file review process and supercharged it with custom built workflow technology to reduce our reviews to half the time. You can increase your review population or reduce your costs – giving you more power over your budget. 
  • Superior quality – Our human checks are of unquestionable quality. They’re based on years of industry and regulatory exposure, a superior review methodology, highly skilled people and technology that enables an improved audit trail. 

What’s more, we can do it for less than your current budget. 

View our high-performance assurance infographic to find out more

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Our other assurance solutions

Partial outsourcing

Partial outsourcing

We provide an overflow facility during busy periods and recruitment issues, helping you manage fluctuations in demand. Spread the cost of compliance by calling on us only when you need us.

Assurance reviews

Assurance reviews

We conduct assurance process reviews for many clients, helping them strengthen their processes and review methodologies for better management of risk.

Specialist resourcing

Specialist resourcing

We can also source skilled and qualified resources to support your in-house function if you need it.

Delve deeper

Case study: Business assurance accelerated by RegTech Case Study: Overflow assurance
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Infographic: High-performance assurance
Download the infographic

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