Senior managers

Those in Senior Management Functions should now be fully trained, but how well do they understand the conduct-related expectations of their role?

Certification employees

Your certified population is likely to be larger, more diverse in terms of job roles, and arguably have a more immediate impact on the day-to-day running of your business. Get your approach to the certification regime wrong and you could end up facing some costly repercussions and a damaged reputation if your customers are adversely affected.

So, what do you need to do?

All employees

You have less than a year to train all employees across your organisation on the new conduct rules and the impact on their job roles and responsibilities. Leave it too long and you risk either missing the deadline or putting undue pressure on your internal teams to get it done. Now is the time to review your progress and create an action plan for the year ahead.

The FCA’s continued work on cultural transformation suggests conduct rules will be front and centre of the regulator’s supervisory approach, so getting this wrong can leave your business exposed. Not only will you run the risk of non-compliance, but if good conduct isn’t ingrained in your culture then your customers – and ultimately your bottom line - could suffer.

As with the certification regime, incorporating the conduct rules into your existing HR process can be a helpful starting point to embedding the conduct rules.