Enhanced file reviews for compliant outcomes

We use our vast experience to deliver a truly enhanced file review service to assess the suitability of advice with the unique overlay of a Consumer Duty outcomes adherence review.

You can opt for our specialised TCC Framework™️ or we can adopt your suitability checking methodology and become an extension to your own checking team. Whichever approach you decide on, you can be confident in the knowledge that we deliver a seamless review service.

Here are the products we check:

  • defined benefit transfers
  • pension transfers and switches
  • investments
  • mortgages
  • equity release
  • debt consolidation
  • protection, and many more

What we do

Our team

Our Business Assurance team have achieved chartered level status and our broad product range of file reviews consider all the latest regulatory and legislative developments. With every review, we provide benchmark results, expert analysis and ‘your next steps’ recommendations. We have an expert Defined Benefit Transfer team who focus on nothing else but suitability of advice.

Our service can benefit all your needs, including:

  • ongoing suitability pre and post-sale
  • annual reviews
  • consumer duty adherence
  • regulatory due diligence
  • thematic reviews
  • past business reviews

Evidence and focus

With the help of our smart tech, utilising speech and document analytics, we help businesses monitor, review and evidence outcomes which provides crucial evidence for board level decision making and source of MI to evidence the requirements of the Consumer Duty.

If we’ve adopted your methodology (rather than our tech), we provide specialist people-led checking service.

Actionable insights and analysis

We provide an independent third-party compliance assessment and industry benchmarking, alongside actionable insights to indicate focus areas for compliance teams to improve compliance and outcomes.

Future-proofed compliance 

We empower you to thrive in today’s regulatory landscape and to put the customer at the heart of everything you do for a compliant and sustainable future. ​

Compliance experts advice

Through our Advisory service, we offer an independent external assessment of your operations, including framework reviews, monitoring, corporate governance, annual Consumer Duty assessments and ongoing adherence.

AI Tech

Shortcut to smart AI RegTech to help you monitor, review and evidence outcomes for long-term compliance.

Enhanced suitability reviews, no extra costs

We bring clarity to the ​FCA’s Consumer Duty expectations to help you ensure compliance ​and aid your focus on ​good customer outcomes.​

We’ve ramped up our suitability reviews and now review your adherence to Consumer Duty obligations as standard. We benchmark your advice based on the file evidence against the key outcomes and provide expert guidance on how to improve your Duty compliance. This unique-to-TCC service offers you far more value than traditional file reviews. ​

Get the unique TCC Framework™️ intelligence and advice at no additional cost. The Consumer Duty evidence assessment now comes as a standard for all Suitability of Advice reviews.​

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