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The challenges of Defined Benefit redress calculations

Insight — 20/06/24
Ask Harry Eastwood: The challenges of Defined Benefit redress calculations   Our Q&A interview with Harry Eastwood, Actuarial and Redress Director at TCC, explores the common obstacles when calculating redress for pension transfer cases.  Understanding your redress liability has always bee

How firms should approach British Steel pensions redress

Insight — 23/03/23
The British Steel Pensions Scheme (BSPS) redress scheme began in earnest at the end of last month - meaning firms now have until the end of February 2024 to review their advice, conduct redress calculations and provide payments to affected customers. But with such a fast pace of work, how can firms

Understanding the issues on Defined Benefits transfers

Insight — 15/09/22
In the first of our subject matter expert interviews, Anthony Harkess, Client Director at TCC and Head of Specialist Resourcing, sits with David Boyhan, TCC Technical Director, to discuss Defined Benefit Transfers and the challenges the market is currently experiencing.    David has over 15 years

Spotting the warning signs of a risky acquisition

Insight — 25/05/22
The financial sector is currently experiencing a significant surge in acquisitions. And though these can be an efficient way of expanding your distribution, it’s essential you do your homework first to ensure a target firm won’t end up saddling you with hidden liabilities down the road. In Money

Trends in DB transfers: how far have we come, really?

Insight — 04/05/21
The FCA's focus on the DB transfers market is unyielding. And with the regulator continuing to assess the market from the data submitted in regulatory returns, the risk remains that unsuitable advice and poor file quality will catch you out. We’ve conducted thousands of DB transfer file reviews ov