We fundamentally believe that culture and conduct are the drivers of success in financial services, and we’ve spent 20 years helping UK-based firms manage conduct risk and improve customer outcomes.

Now, we’re leading the charge in Australia, empowering our clients with smart solutions to tackle the issues that were raised by the Royal Commission.

At a time when borders are closing and global expansion is stalling, we’re delighted to be bucking the trend with our growth into the Australian market. Poor culture has been found to be at the heart of most of the industry’s conduct issues, so our expertise in this area has been very positively received, especially in times of stress like we are currently experiencing.

As well as our regulatory expertise, Australian financial services firms will also benefit from our revolutionary, high-performance assurance and remediation solutions which cut traditional file review times in half.

TCC Founder and Executive Chair Joanne Smith said: “The Australian financial services industry has seen markedly similar problems to those seen in the UK over the past 10 years or so, but our revolutionary solution means they can now deal with the backlog of issues in a way the UK couldn’t. Great news for consumers, businesses and regulators alike.”

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