TCC Group's Joanne Smith with KPMG's Adrian Fisk

TCC Group's Joanne Smith with KPMG's Adrian Fisk

TCC’s sister company, Recordsure, has announced a partnership with KPMG to bring its pioneering RegTech solutions to the Australian financial services sector. Recordsure has recently gained recognition from the Big 4 firm as one of the 50 emerging FinTechs in the KPMG and H2 Global Fintech lists in 2018.

Having demonstrated how Recordsure’s technology can empower firms to improve customer trust, enhance transparency and ensure regulatory compliance, KPMG saw the value this solution could bring to the Australian market. Results from the Australian Government’s Financial Services Royal Commission reflected a host of parallels with the fallout that followed the financial crisis in the UK 10 years ago.

Since 2012, Recordsure has developed a suite of innovative tools designed specifically for the financial services market. This extensive research and development in artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the perfect fit for Australia in 2019.

Joanne Smith, Group Founder, was excited about the opportunity to begin deployment. “The overwhelming message I have been getting is the urgent need for change, and the acceptance that throwing more people at the problems won’t solve them. Our technology is needed to reform the system. The really encouraging thing is the determination business leaders are showing in addressing the root cause of the issues rather than papering over the cracks. It’s good news for consumers and the industry as a whole.”

To learn more about these solutions and keep track of developments in Australia, check out the Recordsure website.

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